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2016 Budget


HOA Minutes of Meeting - 9th Feb 2016

BOD Minutes of Meeting - 19th Feb 2016

BOD Minutes of Meeting - 26th Feb 2016

4UB Clubview Towns Unaudited Financials March 2016

2nd Quarter HOA Meeting Minutes - 2016-05-10

4UB Clubview Towns Unaudited Financials April 2016

4UB Clubview Towns Unaudited Financials May 2016

Please be aware of some common violations within the association

Parking and Storing of Vehicles and Trailers

While parking a truck, mobile home, trailer of any type, camper shell, camper, boat, or similar equipment on a lot or street may be convenient for the owner; it detracts from the appearance of the entire neighborhood. It is prohibited if visible from a neighboring property, street, or community area. No street parking is allowed, ever or under any circumstances. No motor vehicle or trailer may be parked or stationed as to create a potentially dangerous situation, parked in an unauthorized area/red zones/fire lanes/guest parking or if the vehicle or trailer is damaged (the cost of repair is $1,000 or more) in a driveway or so as to be visible from the street or another unit. No motor vehicles of any kind can be repaired on any Lot, Parcel or street. No inoperable vehicle can be stored on any lot, parcel or street with the exception of emergency repair in which the unit owner has 72 hours to repair or remove.

Trash Containers and Collection

Garbage cans really do not look nice! They detract from the appearance of the entire neighborhood. Owners have two choices: Keep them in the garage or enclosed in an approved enclosure. They cannot be visible from another property, except on collection day. Placing garbage cans at the curb after darkness the night before collection day is acceptable. They must be enclosed or garaged after collection prior to midnight on the same day.

**This is only a partial representation of the rules and regulations. Please refer to the Governing Documents for the Association for a full review of the rules and regulations of the Association.