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Please be aware of some common violations within the association

Parking and Storing of Vehicles and Trailers

While parking a truck, mobile home, trailer of any type, camper shell, camper, boat, or similar equipment on a lot or street may be convenient for the owner; it detracts from the appearance of the entire neighborhood and shall be parked in a garage or off-site, outside the project, except for purposes of loading and unloading. No street parking is allowed, but only in those places clearly identified and designated. Otherwise, no street parking is allowed, ever or under any circumstance. No motor vehicle or trailer may be parked or stationed as to create a potentially dangerous situation, parked in an unauthorized area/red zones/fire lanes/guest parking or if the vehicle or trailer is damaged (the cost of repair is $1,000 or more). No motor vehicles of any kind can be repaired on any Lot, Parcel or street. No inoperable vehicle can be stored on any lot, parcel or street with the exception of emergency repair in which the unit owner has 72 hours to repair or remove. Owners and residents may not park overnight in any parking areas or stalls marked or designated for “Guest” or “Visitors”. Parking amenities shall be used solely and exclusively for the parking of motor vehicles used for personal transportation.

The Association may also immobilize, tow and/or impound vehicles and trailers parked, stationed or stored in violation at the owner’s sole risk and expense.

Trash Containers and Collection

Garbage cans really do not look nice! They detract from the appearance of the entire neighborhood. Owners have two choices: Keep them in the garage or enclosed in an approved enclosure. They cannot be visible from another property, except on collection day. Placing garbage cans at the curb after darkness the night before collection day is acceptable. They must be enclosed or garaged after collection prior to midnight on the same day.

Architectural Control Violations

Anything that affects the appearance or quality of a property must be approved in writing by the Design Review Board. “Anything” is very broad: including, but not limited to, flag poles, basketball standards, air conditioners, wind chimes, decorations, wreaths, dream catchers, pinwheels, lighting, solar collector panels, color schemes, signs, landscaping, drainage, even health, safety and welfare. Approved landscaping must be completed per CC&Rs time schedule. No temporary structures are allowed. Everything must be kept in good repair and maintained. A violation will require restoring the change to an approvable standard. Failure to do so will result in a warning letter followed by an appropriate grace period to correct the discrepancy.


Pet owners at Parkside must be responsible for their pets. Pet noises, odors or droppings are offensive. Joggers, cyclists, small children and wildlife can be injured by a chance encounter with an unrestrained pet. In traffic, loose pets are a safety hazard to themselves and to drivers who swerve to avoid hitting them. Pets must be confined within the owner’s property boundary when off leash. Specific additional rules apply. Violations will be fined as follows for a discrete episodic event such as permitting the animal to run at large and for chronic noise:


Nuisances are conditions that diminish an owner’s quiet enjoyment of his residence, detract from tranquility or diminish a neighborhood’s aesthetic appeal. Noise: A “quiet neighborhood” is a term often used interchangeably with “a good neighborhood.” A neighborhood’s right to quiet overrides any individual’s right to create noise at any time. Other potential noise problems: amplified sound, pets that bark while the owners are at work. The idea of “wind chimes” may sound inoffensive, but many people prefer quiet or the sound of the wind without “improvements.” Again, the right to quiet is preeminent. Rubbish and Trash: Rubbish or trash of any kind is not permitted on or adjacent to any lot. “Dumping” garden trimmings, grass clippings, construction or other debris on an adjacent parcel or allowing them to accumulate on an owner’s own lot is prohibited. Discarded Christmas trees must not be stored outside if visible from streets or from neighboring property. Personal property placed on a patio, deck or balcony shall be managed and controlled by rule adopted by management. However, one table, one set of chairs and one BBQ grill if covered, and is not visible to the other residents is allowed. Clotheslines, the hanging of clothes, swimsuits and towels, dreamcatchers, wind chimes, pinwheels, the storing of bicycles, tricycles, equipment, machinery, furniture, appliances, furnishings or other items which may be considered inappropriate or unsightly by management in its sole discretion, shall not be allowed.

Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Rules governing antennas and satellite dishes are complex and not easily summarized. Placement of antennas shall be subject to DRB review.

Clothes Drying Facilities

No clotheslines or drying facilities may be visible from a neighboring property.

Machinery and Equipment

No machinery or equipment can be placed, operated or maintained on or adjacent to any Lot or parcel.


Sign rules are complex. Basically, all signs including political signs are prohibited on the owner’s property or Parkside common areas. “Banner” style signs are generally prohibited. Signs required by legal proceedings, “For Sale,” “For Lease,” and “Open House” signs approved in advance by the Design Review Board in writing are allowed. Discreet commercial security signs are allowed. Builders and other Commercial and Municipal agencies are given special consideration.


Exterior lighting requires Design Review Board approval, except that holiday decorative lights are appropriate and may be displayed between November 15 and January 15. Decorations must be removed as soon after January 15 as weather permits.

Violations of the Law

Although Parkside is not a Law Enforcement Agency, any activity that violates local, state or federal laws is prohibited. It is illegal as well as inappropriate to operate ATVs, snowmobiles and other similar vehicles on Parkside common areas and streets. These vehicles are not designed for street operation, and do not comply with noise and safety requirements (lights, for example). They can disturb entire neighborhoods, as well as create serious safety hazards when combined with legal street traffic. Operating any motor powered vehicles on any Parkside trails at any time is not permitted!

Covenants, Conditions, Easements and Restrictions Applicable to Lots within Single Family Residential Use Classification

No visible business of any type may be conducted from a Parkside Residence. This includes a garage sale, moving sale, rummage sale, or any similar activity. A business not detectible by sight, (vehicle and foot traffic), sound or smell is permitted.

**This is only a partial representation of the rules and regulations. Please refer to the Governing Documents for the Association for a full review of the rules and regulations of the Association.